With cutting-edge design capabilities, our surge protectors are equipped with high-pressure-sensitive resistors that react at nanosecond speeds, effectively controlling the impact of lightning strikes on your PV system. Trust in our team’s expertise, and let us provide you with innovative and cost-effective surge protector solutions tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

With over 20 years of experience, our team is committed to delivering superior-quality products that exceed your expectations. Our DC surge protective devices come with a 3-year warranty period that includes comprehensive support and free replacements, ensuring the long-term security of your brand.

Don’t wait any longer; contact our team today and take advantage of our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. Protect your PV system from power surges with Moreday’s modular surge protective devices.


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Our surge protectors are designed to provide robust and reliable surge protection to keep your photovoltaic system running smoothly and efficiently. Your solar equipment and inverter are well protected, reducing the risk of downtime and costly repairs.

Industry-leading design and protection technology can effectively prevent lightning damage and manage system voltage and current up to 600 volts.

The SPD MD1 series type 2 surge protectors are designed for installation at the service entrance of low-voltage systems or close to sensitive equipment for protection against transient overvoltages.

The SPD series of type 2 surge protectors are characterized by a lightning current waveform of 8/20 µs.

T1+T2 dc surge protector device spd up to 1000 v dc for photovoltaic PV or solar system, independently tested safety through TUV and CB approval.

The Din rail T1+T2 AC-type surge protective device (SPD) can protect all electrical installations from lightning strikes by discharging the current generated by lightning surges and preventing it from spreading to equipment.


To ensure optimal and uninterrupted performance, our surge arrestors are comprised of a foundational component and three plug-in high-energy MOV protection modules. These advanced modules are equipped with remote signaling contacts for effortless device monitoring as well as thermal disconnect mechanisms to enable easy fault indication.

In order to safeguard your equipment from the damaging effects of power surges, it is crucial to have a reliable surge protection system in place. Our surge arrestors are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, providing unparalleled protection against power spikes and electrical disturbances.



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A surge protective device protects electrical equipment from voltage spikes by diverting excess voltage to the ground. Moreday’s surge protectors are equipped with high-voltage sensitive resistors that respond at nanosecond speeds, effectively controlling the impact of lightning strikes on your photovoltaic system, thereby preventing damage and extending the life of your electrical system.
Moreday offers a variety of SPD types, including type 1 surge protector (installed between the service transformer and service circuit breaker), type 2 surge protector (installed on the load side of the service circuit breaker), and type 3 surge protector (used at the point of use) ).
Type 1 surge protector: Installed primarily at the building’s main power service entrance, between the external power source and the building’s main circuit breaker. This type of SPD is designed to protect the entire electrical system from external electrical disturbances, such as surges caused by lightning strikes.
Type 2 surge protector: usually installed after the main circuit breaker, inside the distribution box. They are designed to handle surges generated from the grid or internal electrical systems, protecting equipment connected to the distribution system.
Yes, Moreday’s Surge protection devices are designed for use on both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) circuits to protect a variety of electrical equipment from damaging voltage spikes. In AC applications, surge protection devices are typically installed at the power entry point to provide primary protection.
For DC applications, especially when using solar or wind power generation systems, SPDs can be installed on the DC side to prevent potential damage to sensitive equipment due to sudden voltage changes. Selection of the appropriate SPD should be based on the specific voltage requirements and circuit characteristics of the system to ensure maximum protection.
The performance and safety of SPDs are governed by standards such as UL 1449 and IEC 61643-11. These standards ensure that surge protection devices operate reliably under surge conditions and provide necessary safety features (NEMA Surge Protection Institute).
VPR indicates the maximum voltage to connected equipment during a surge event. This is a key parameter to consider when selecting low-voltage surge protective devices or high-voltage surge protective devices to ensure compatibility with the electrical characteristics of the system.
For existing installations, ensure that any new or replacement SPD is compatible with the existing electrical system and meets current regulatory standards. Considerations should include capacitance, grounding, and connection arrangements.
Our DC surge protectors come with a 2-year warranty, including full support and free replacement, ensuring the long-term safety of your brand. You can purchase DC surge protectors from Moreday with confidence!

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