The AHC15A timer offers an economical solution, boasting an array of versatile functionalities, adaptable installation options, and compatibility with numerous applications


  • 1 Channel
    Daily and weekly program
  • 12/24 Hour format conversion
  • Calculated switching times
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Auto-correct time
  • Preset date and time
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Built-in lithium battery, power failure memory


In today’s fast-paced world, effective time management and energy conservation are essential in both residential and commercial environments. Enter the AHC15A series weekly digital time switch, a versatile device designed to help you automate and control a variety of electrical systems in a convenient, energy-efficient manner. On the following pages, we’ll dive into the features, benefits, and applications of this portable device and guide you through its installation and setup process.

Time Switch AHC 15A


Easy-to-use Interface

The AHC15A series weekly digital time switch boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to program and operate. With its large LCD display and intuitive button layout, even users with minimal technical expertise can quickly set up and navigate the device with ease.

High Accuracy and Reliability

One of the key advantages of the AHC15A series weekly digital time switch is its exceptional accuracy and reliability. The device is equipped with a high-precision quartz crystal oscillator, ensuring that your scheduled events occur exactly when they’re supposed to, minimizing the likelihood of errors and disruptions.

Energy Saving

By allowing you to schedule the operation of your electrical systems, the AHC15A series weekly digital time switch can help you save on energy costs. By optimizing the usage of lighting, heating, cooling, and other systems, you can minimize energy waste and reduce your utility bills.


Industrial Automation

In industrial settings, the AHC15A series weekly digital time switch can be employed to manage a variety of automated processes. It can help ensure that machinery and equipment are operated during specific time periods to optimize productivity and minimize energy consumption. Additionally, the switch can be used to control safety measures, such as activating warning lights or emergency shutdowns, based on a predetermined schedule.

Commercial Building Automation

Commercial buildings can benefit significantly from the AHC15A series weekly digital time switch. It can be used to manage lighting, heating, cooling, and security systems to maximize energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. For example, the switch can be programmed to turn off unnecessary lighting during off-hours or adjust the HVAC system based on the building’s occupancy.

Public Lighting Control

The AHC15A series weekly digital time switch is also an excellent solution for managing public lighting systems, such as streetlights, park lights, and outdoor advertising. By automating the lighting schedule, municipalities can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while ensuring a safe and well-lit environment for the public.

Weekly Digital Time Switch AHC 15A Switch Settings
Easy Wiring for Weekly Digital Time Switch AHC 15A
Weekly Digital Time Switch AHC 15A Product Size


Model AHC15A
AC/DC 12V or AC/DC 24V or AC 110V or AC220V
Maximum Recommended Load)
10,000 Operations
Load (conventional) Not Corrected
Load (conventional)series-corrected
Load (conventional)parallel-corrected
730 VA 80μF
Minimum Interval
1 Min
Time Accuracy At 25 °c
≤±2 Sek./day (quartz)
Housing And Insulation Material
Self-extinguishing Thermoplastic
IP 20
Class Of Protection
II according to EN 60730-1
Ambient Temperature
-10 ℃~ +50 °C


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A: The device is designed to work with a variety of electrical systems. However, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific system before installation.

A: The AHC15A series weekly digital time switch does not have built-in remote control capabilities. However, it can be integrated with other home automation systems or third-party devices that allow for remote control and monitoring, depending on your specific requirements.

A: To reset the device to its factory settings, refer to the user manual for specific instructions. Typically, this involves pressing a combination of buttons on the front panel for a certain period of time. Please note that resetting the device will erase all programmed schedules and settings, so you will need to reconfigure the device afterward.

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