Who We Are !


MOREDAY is a high-tech enterprise focusing on energy storage, photovoltaics, EV chargers, smart microgrid power stations, and related product development, production, sales, and service. It is also a world-class energy and internet solution provider.
MOREDAY has a high-quality, high-level, high-standard r&d team and has more than 15 years of experience in technology r&d and manufacturing in the new energy industry. Our products and systems have a number of core invention patents, including CQC, CE, TUV, CB, SAA, and many other product certifications.
With the mission of "making energy more clean and efficient", MOREDAY is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of smart energy solutions and working with customers to build a grand blueprint for the energy internet.


Factory Area

15 +

Production Lines

20 %

R & D Investment

5000 +

Project Experience


Innovation and R&D

R&D and Manufacturing Center

Our R&D center is an innovation engine dedicated to integrating form and functional design to achieve unique and outstanding product customization. We not only pay attention to the beauty of product appearance, but also integrate functionality and practicality into every design detail. From the initial concept stage to the final production process, our R&D capabilities cover the entire production process of new energy products, ensuring that each stage is carefully polished to produce customized products that meet the highest standards.

Our team has rich experience and creativity, combining customer needs with advanced technology, setting a new industry benchmark for the new energy product field. Our customized production not only meets the unique requirements of our customers, but is also committed to integrating environmental protection concepts into the design, making each product a green energy solution that is both beautiful and efficient. By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, we provide customers with truly customized and stunning products.

Global Operations Center (Preparatory)

How We Do !

Continuous Investment In R&D Lean Innovation

Our team develops and produces new products according to market demand, and our efforts have enabled us to establish cooperative relationships with many Fortune 500 companies. Continue to invest in R&D and innovation, and 20% of the annual sales profit will be invested in the R&D fund for the next year. With our cutting-edge products, we have established a good reputation all over the world.

20 %



70%+ personnel have more than 5 years of relevant experience

human Resources

Perfect human resources system and perfect talent training

Total Employees 150+


R&D personnel: 30+ people


Management positions hold PMP and NPDP certificates

Leading Testing Capabilities

Functional Test

Charging interoperability test
Communication function test
Display function test
Input function test
Metrology function test
EV Charger aging test

Environmental Reliability Test

Temperature and humidity test
Tightness test
Corrosion resistance test
Mechanical strength test
Vehicle crush test
Durability test

Electrical Performance Test

Insulation resistance test
Dielectric strength test
Impact withstand voltage test
Ground test
Power down test
failsafe test

Properties Test

Paint thickness measurement
Torque test
Hardness properties
Color difference measurement
Flame retardant test

Patent Awards

Multiple Industry Honor Recognitions

Independent Research and Development Patents

International Production System Certifications

99 %


99 %


99 %


What we do !


We provide solar system protection products and smart home charging solutions so that you can use clean energy and enjoy the convenience of green travel.

0 Carbon Electricity

Powering a sustainable future with zero carbon emissions

Green Travel

Explore the new world of energy through green travel

Our Culture

Corporate Values

Virtue in the world, tranquility, and far-reaching

Corporate Vision

The world’s leading new energy electrical manufacturing expert

Our Mission

Make electricity available to all people

MOREDAY has played an important role in many photovoltaic, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging system projects in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Lebanon, Thailand, Germany, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Egypt, the Philippines, and other countries around the world, providing a series of solutions.

We serve major organizations such as solar system manufacturers, photovoltaic project contractors and distributors, and EV charging operators and distributors.

Our factory is located in China, and we have first-level agents in Germany, the Middle East, Brazil, and Australia to better serve our customers. We will continue to increase the number of overseas business agents and hope that more partners will join us to bring more clean energy to the world.

Make Electricity Available To All People


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