Adjustable current. The indicator light shows the charging status. Can be equipped with different mains plugs such as CEE, Schuko, BS, NEMA, etc. to ensure suitability for all markets worldwide.


  • Output Power:3.5kW/7kW
  • Power Cord Plug: CEE16A /Schuko/UK/NEMA 5-15/NEMA 6-20/AU/NZ(can be customized)
  • Type: plug and play
  • Customized service
  • 2 years warranty
AC European Standard Type 2 AC Portable Charger - 7.2KW / 3.6KW

AC Portable EV Charger IP65 Level 2

The AC Portable EV Charger is a compact yet powerful device. It’s designed to provide up to 7 kW of power, dramatically cutting down charging time. But it’s not just about the speed.

Portability is a huge plus. With this charger, you can juice up your EV wherever there’s a power outlet. No need to worry about finding a dedicated charging station ever again!

Before purchasing, consider compatibility with your vehicle, your usual parking space’s power supply, and the charger’s cable length.

Installing and using this charger is a breeze. Plug it into a compatible power source, connect the other end to your EV, and you’re all set! The device’s built-in protections ensure safe charging, so you can rest easy.

AC Portable EV Charger with Full Protection and Multiple Functions

No installation required

Charging indicator light

Compatible Types All Vehicles

Plug and charge

Best Case

High-quality material housing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use: IP65


Custom Charging Cable


Adjustable current


Working temperature: -25℃~+50℃

High Performance Temperature Control Chip

MOREDAY independently developed a high-performance temperature control chip, which can monitor the operating temperature of the AC portable EV charger in real-time. When the charging temperature is higher than 85°C, the charger will automatically cut off the current to ensure safety; when the temperature is 60°C, the charger will allow the charging current to run again. .

Portable EV Charger - Power Connector and Charging Connector

Strong Compatibility

AC Portable EV Charger can be customized with European standard or American standard connectors, and the plugs can be customized according to your country’s requirements. All cables are customized charging cables with internationally recognized standards to ensure that our chargers can Use directly in your country.

Suit For All Vehicles


European /GBT
European /GBT
Maximun Power
Input/Output Voltage
AC230 1-Phase
AC230 1-Phase
Charging Current Range
2.8 inch LED Screen
2.8 inch LED Screen
Adjustable Current
Plug options
CP Signal Abnormal Protection
Over/Under Voltage Protection
Leakage Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Lightning Protection
Ground Protection
Plug Cable Length
Cable Length
IP Protection
Operating Temperature
-25℃ ~ +50℃
-25℃ ~ +50℃


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A: It’s a portable electric vehicle charger that operates on Level 2 charging, offering faster charging times. The IP65 rating denotes its dust and water-resistant properties.

A: It combines the benefits of Level 2 charging, portability, and ruggedness, making it a versatile charging solution that you can use practically anywhere.

A: Level 2 charging is faster than Level 1 and slower than Level 3 (DC Fast charging). It’s a balanced option that offers faster charging times without needing specialized infrastructure like Level 3.

A: While this charger is compatible with many EVs, it’s always best to check the vehicle’s charging specifications before purchasing a charger.

A: IP65 means the charger is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any direction, making it suitable for outdoor use.

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