The products we produce can protect any solar dc system, battery energy storage system, power distribution system, etc. Car charging products can replenish energy for your new energy vehicles in time and run at an optimal level. Our goal is to bring more energy to the earth. Much clean energy.

MOREDAY is an industry-leading manufacturer of photovoltaic protection products and electric vehicle charging stations. Our factory covers an area of 25,000 square meters and has 15 product production lines equipped with fully automatic robots. The manufacturing capabilities of our factory enable us to achieve short lead times for high-volume orders. Request a free quote today!


Our products and EV chargers are engineered to withstand harsh environments, and their superior quality makes them easier to integrate into solar PV, battery energy storage, and EV charging systems.


We provide AC and DC EV chargers from 3.5 kW to 360 kW, and our EV charging equipment is suitable for all brands of electric vehicles.

MOREDAY EV Charger Series

Our ac ev chargers are compatible with photovoltaic systems, we provide dynamic load balancing with current regulations, ocpp1.6 protocol is optional. The output power of dc fast charging for electric vehicles is as high as 360kw.


We have been deeply involved in the field of DC systems for 15 years, have more than 60 DC patents, and have a dedicated R&D team.

MOREDAY household and industrial LFP energy storage includes portable energy storage, energy walls, and container energy storage, which are widely used in the energy field.

We can provide solar roof solutions. Our rapid shutdown devices are compatible with all solar panels and can be installed in all photovoltaic systems to maximize the protection of solar buildings.

A full range of solar combiner boxes with a voltage level of 600 VDC–1500 VDC, optional monitoring devices, anti-reflux devices, and access to customized solutions for rapid shutdown and AFCI functions.

We produce MC4 connectors with TUV standards, solar cables, and cable installation kits that are professional and efficient, and we can customize solutions for you.


Our product certification is complete, and we can provide you with customized and mass-production services.

To protect AC and DC system circuits, please choose our patented interrupter isolator switch. Our isolator switch has TUV certification and is compatible with most DC components and equipment.


Our DC surge protector (SPD) is made of imported MOV protection modules with TUV certification, which can be used to protect components of a solar system from surge damage or overvoltage.

Our temperature-resistant fuse holders are flame-retardant, can quickly cut off abnormal currents, and can be replaced at any time, making it easy to maintain your solar system.

Our DC circuit breaker has a self-developed patent, and the arc extinguishing time is shorter, which can monitor your system in real-time and provide full protection.


We have many years of production experience to ensure that our power distribution products can adapt to international standards.

The ac circuit breaker is our flagship production item; we can produce all circuit breakers certified by IEC.

We can provide real-time protection for your overvoltage and undervoltage circuits, and the LED screen can feedback on voltage changes.

Time switches provide energy savings, safety, and convenience benefits by automatically controlling when electrical equipment is turned on and off.

Ats automatically transfers electrical loads between a primary power source (such as a utility grid) and a backup power source (such as a generator) during a power outage.

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