MOREDAY Essential EV Charging Station Provides Safe And Reliable Home Charging For Electric Vehicles. Available In 7 kW To 22 kW, And Has A Side Panic Button For Indoor And Outdoor Installations.


  • Max Output Power: 7.2kW(1 Phase)/22kW(3 Phase)
  • Max Output Current: 32A
  • Basic Function
  • Full Protection
  • Ingress Protection: IP55
  • Impact Protection: IK10
  • 2 years warranty

Full-featured Home EV Charging Station

An EV charging station, also known as an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a crucial component in the ecosystem of electric vehicles. It’s more than just a plug. It’s a piece of technology that safely delivers electrical energy to your electric vehicle (EV), enabling it to move from point A to point B.

A 7kW EV Charging Station is a type of charger commonly used at home or at work. It can provide around 30 miles of range for an EV per hour of charging.

On the other hand, a 22kW EV Charging Station is a more potent charger, often found in public charging spots. It can deliver approximately 90 miles of range per hour, making it an excellent option for quick top-ups.

Benefits of MOREDAY Smart Home EV Charging Station

Product Highlights

Full Protection

The charger is suited for outdoor installation and use because of its hard exterior, which offers durability and great water resistance.

Emergency Button Switch

Users have handy control options thanks to the charger’s side button, which can be used to switch the current or turn the charger ON/OFF.

Swipe To Charge

The light strip can display the charging status, and it is easy to charge by swiping the card, which is convenient for users to monitor the charging progress.

High-quality Materials

The charger is suited for outdoor installation and use because of its hard exterior, which offers durability and great water resistance.

Monitoring Of Temperature In Real Time

When the preset value is surpassed, the charger can monitor the charging temperature in real time and promptly turn off the current. This function guarantees secure and effective charging.

Modern Security Device

A number of security elements on the charger guard against damage and accidents so that both the charger and the electric vehicle are kept safe. Overload protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection are some of these features.

Built-In Smart Chip

Real-time temperature control protection
Stable and reliable fully charged self-power off
Real-time temperature monitoring, and over-temperature protection, to ensure charging safety

High-quality housing is suitable for all outdoor application scenarios

After Multiple Multi-Standard Tests,
To Create A Product With Excellent Performance

Humanized Design of SMART HOME EV Charging Station Charging Head


Specification Parameter
AC Power Input Rating
AC Output Rating Power
AC Output Rating Current
Connector Type
GB/T plug,Type 2 plug + 5m charging cable
User Interface & Control
Charging Control
Plug and Play, RFID Card
Storage Temperature
-40 to 75°C ambient
Operating Temperature
-30 to 55°C ambient
Operating Humidity
Up to 95% non-condensing
< 2000m
IP Code
Power Line Protection
Yes, report the fault of exchange connection of Live wire & Neutral wire
Leakage Protection
Yes, Type A Or B Residual Current Monitoring Unit built-in.
Ground Protection
Yes, designed forTN-C-S power supply system


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Frequently Asked Questions

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A: While most EVs can use these stations, it’s best to check the vehicle’s manual or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

A:  Yes, many people install charging stations at home for convenience. It’s recommended to get a professional to do the installation.

A: The charging time depends on the battery’s size and its state of charge. A 7kW charger can deliver about 30 miles of range per hour, while a 22kW charger provides about 90 miles.

A: With proper maintenance, an EV charging station can last for several years.

A: Most EV charging stations are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, but it’s always best to check the specific product’s guidelines.

A: Yes, the Moreday 7kw 22kw Home EV Charging Station has superior safety measures that protect against overcharging, overheating, and electric faults.

A: Yes, the Moreday 7kw 22kw Home EV Charging Station is highly energy efficient, ensuring your vehicle charges optimally without wasting energy.

A: The Moreday 7kw 22kw Home EV Charging Station stands out from its competitors with its high power output, adaptable charging speeds, user-friendly interface, superior safety features, and its cost and energy efficiency.

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