In power management systems, an ats switch is often considered an essential component. In the event that there is a disruption in the primary source of power, such as a utility grid, it is designed to automatically transfer electrical load to a backup power source, such as a generator, in the event that there is a disruption in the primary source of power. This ensures that critical systems and equipment continue to operate without interruption, hence reducing the amount of time spent in downtime and reducing the possibility of financial losses.

Moreday is an industry leader in dual mains switching equipment (atse), in the design of solutions, and has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution. The company was established in 2009.

A standard warranty of two years is included with each and every ats. When there is a problem with our product, our team will provide feedback on the solution within twelve hours, and the engineer will be able to solve the problem within the time frame that was previously agreed upon.

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Types Of Ats Switch

Open transition ats switches and closed transition ats switches are the two primary types of ats switches. In the course of the transfer, open transition switches will momentarily disconnect the load from both power sources; on the other hand, closed transition switches will provide a smooth transition in which the load will experience no interruptions whatsoever. The selection of one of these kinds over another is determined by the precise necessities and prerequisites of the application.

The mysterious pc-level automatic transfer switch domain is home to the mysterious pc-grade auto-switching mechanism, which consists of a dual power supply that chooses a load switch that does not contain an over current release as the motivating force. This system does not have any protective characteristics, but it has a large tolerance and excellent connecting capabilities, which ensures the switch’s safety and resistance to malfunctions such as overloads and short circuits. As a direct consequence of this, a reliable connection circuit has been established.

Confusion surrounding the class cb bifurcated energy origin: A dual power supply that is outfitted with over current release, which allows its primary contact to connect and disrupt any currents that are being delivered through a short circuit.

Within the domain of the class cb automatic transfer switch, the dual power supply ought to opt for a circuit breaker that is exclusively equipped with a short-circuit current release as the actuator. This system has a selective protective function, which protects against short circuits for lower loads and cables. This protection is provided by the system. Its ability to form and sever connections is significantly superior to those of alternative components such as contactors and relays in almost every respect.



Choose a model that has both a temperature and dual power switch if you want to maximize your level of protection.


Ensure that the voltage remains within the safe range at all times while the operation is in progress.


Utilize high-current dual power switches to boost circuit stability performance.


Consider the ongoing power supply needs and sustained power supply demands for the output load, taking into account its stability.



We ensure a wide range of ats switches to suit your specific application and requirements.


We are a manufacturer with a solid reputation for delivering high quality, reliable products that meet industry standards.


Customization services are available, enabling you to tailor the switch to your unique needs.


We provide excellent customer support and after sales service to ensure that any questions or concerns are resolved promptly and efficiently.


Our prices are competitive with other manufacturers in the same industry, keeping in mind the importance of quality and reliability.

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    A: An ats switch automatically transfers the electrical load between a primary power source and a backup power source, ensuring continuous operation of critical systems during a power outage.

    A: The two main types of ats switches are open transition and closed transition. Open transition switches momentarily disconnect the load during the transfer, while closed transition switches provide a seamless transfer without any interruption.

    A: Consider factors such as product range, quality and reliability, customization options, technical support and after-sales service, and pricing when selecting an ats switch manufacturer.

    A: Yes, ats switches should meet relevant industry standards, such as ul, iec, and ieee, to ensure their reliability and performance.

    A: Yes, many manufacturers offer customizable ats switches with various voltage and frequency ratings, as well as other features to suit your specific needs.

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