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Exciting News: Join Us at IGEM2023 – An Anticipated Encounter!

Are you ready for some thrilling updates? We’re excited to share that MOREDAY is all set to participate in IGEM2023! This upcoming event has us brimming with enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to connect with you all. Keep reading to discover the details that make this event a must-attend.

What is IGEM2023?

The International Green Technology and Eco-Products Exhibition and Conference (IGEM) in Malaysia is the biggest trade show for green technology and eco-solutions in Southeast Asia. It is organized by the Malaysian government.

The show emphasizes the utilization of renewable energy, environmental protection, and green technologies. The Malaysian government is concentrating on three types of renewable energy: hydropower, wind power, and solar power.

By displaying the most recent technologies under the IGEM brand to policy makers, governmental organizations, investors, and the general public, IGEM is the perfect venue for solution providers and green energy firms to reach the constantly developing ASEAN market.

Since its founding in 2010, IGEM has successfully earned over RM30 billion in revenue. Over 500,000 participants, dignitaries, and business visitors from 70 nations have attended IGEM to date.

The MOREDAY Experience

At IGEM2023, MOREDAY is gearing up to showcase our latest advancements and contributions in the realm of solar system and ev charging. Our team has been tirelessly working to develop solutions that address critical challenges and drive positive change. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation and possibilities as we present our projects, products, and ideas.

What to Expect?

MOREDAY PV Combiner Box Series

You will have a fantastic opportunity to learn about the exceptional performance and cutting-edge features of our new energy products at this exhibition. Suki will thoroughly outline the features of MROEDAY goods and be able to answer any questions you may have right away.
Additionally, we have prepared excellent presents for each and every visitor to our booth, fostering a laid-back and enjoyable environment for conversation and engagement with sector specialists.We are excitedly anticipating your arrival.

Remember Our Agreement

Looking forward to seeing you at booth 4033MOREDAY, KLCC hall4-hall5, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from October 4th to 6th,Best wishes.

Derek Ke

Hey, I’m Derek Ke, the founder of Moredaydc.com, an expert in solar electrical products and ev charging.
In the past 15 years, we have helped 60 countries and nearly 500 customers (such as farms, residences, industrial and commercial) solve new energy and green power problems. This article aims to share more knowledge about solar electricity and new energy with everyone, so that green electricity can enter every home.

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