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Project info

Guilin Scenic Area Charging Station Project

The rise of electric vehicles has been a game-changer in the fight against climate change. However, the lack of charging infrastructure in remote and scenic areas has been a barrier for many potential EV users. This is especially true for popular tourist destinations like Guilin, where visitors may be hesitant to use EVs due to concerns about finding charging stations.

The Guilin Scenic Area Charging Station Project is a pioneering initiative aimed at installing a comprehensive network of EV charging stations across the region. The project will provide essential charging infrastructure for both tourists and local residents, making it easier and more convenient to use electric vehicles in the area.

Guilin Scenic Area Charging Station
Charging Station Project

Our Project Overview

The single parking space in this project is 5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. It is planned to install 3 sets of 120 kw double guns for DC piles and 2 sets of 60 kw single guns for DC piles (a comprehensive wharf). 1 set of 120kw double guns for dc piles, 2 sets of 60kw double guns for dc piles (qing’erdu wharf), including European-style transformer boxes.

Equipment List

120kw Double Gun 4 Sets
60kw Double Guns 4 Sets
Outside Line
1 Set Of 10 Kv Power System
European Transformer
800kva 1 Set
Surveillance System
1 Set
Intelligent Low Voltage Distribution Box
3 Units
Charging Pile Special Cable + Ground Wire
400 Meters
Civil Construction (Including Cable Trench, Charging Pile Foundation
200 Meters Dark Ditch


The Guilin Scenic Area Charging Station Project is a groundbreaking initiative that addresses the need for charging infrastructure in a world-renowned tourist destination. By promoting the use of electric vehicles and sustainable tourism practices, the project will contribute to a cleaner environment, a stronger local economy, and a brighter future for Guilin and its visitors.

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